Tai Chi for Arthritis

Here I am doing the Tai Chi for Arthritis Form(sun style short form)

Place where you can buy the Tai Chi for Arthritis Video with Dr. Paul Lam instructing.

You can down load video footage of individual lessons into your computer for around $3.00 each. Especially useful if you miss a class. I can e-mail you a list of what class accords with what lesson.

Three Generations of Sun Style Practioners:

From Sun Lutang the developer of the form, here are his pictures of the long form on a youtube.

Sun Lutang’s daughter Sun Jiayun performs the long form.

A video of a third generation Sun Style Tai Chi Master

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Names of the moves of the long (108) form.

Youtube Videos of the form:

Yang style reference - Guy Tomash ( my teacher) doing the first six moves shown “broken down”

This is my teacher Guy Tomash’s website. On it there is a video of him doing the 1st stage of the long (108) form and a blog with several articles.

My teacher doing the second stage of the long form.

My teacher doing the third stage of the long form.

Youtube Videos of Practioners in my Teacher’s Lineage:

Amazing Pencil drawings of Yang Chengfu’s Postures (the developer of the 108 form you are learning).

Tung Ying Chieh performing the long form. (My teacher’s teacher’s teacher. He studied with Yang Chengfu for over 20 years).

Tung Hu Ling (Tung Ying Chieh’s son) slow set (108 Yang Style form)

A couple of videos of some very fine push hands with Tung Hu Ling and a student of his: Part One and Part Two

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